11 ways to get known as an expert

Posted on: May 3rd, 2011

In my last post about how to find the perfect client,  Pawel Grabowski from Self Employed Cafe left a comment saying “..make sure that you are already known as an expert in your field. All of the above will be dead easy once you are.”

A great piece of advice. So just how do you get known as an expert in your field? Here are some thoughts:

  • Start a blog and write instructional posts full of useful information.
  • Write a book (and get it published).
  • Get yourself invited to speak at events relevant to your industry. And have copies of your book available for people to buy.

  • Answer people’s questions on LinkedIn. Click on ‘More’ in the top navigation bar and select ‘Answers’ from the drop down menu.
  • Publish any (or all) of the following: e-book, podcast, white paper, video.
  • Write articles for magazines or online sites like ezines.com.
  • Send out tweets that provide great advice.
  • Write great guest posts on other people’s blogs.
  • Run a workshop or seminar or webinar.
  • Take up the 10-minute guest speaker slot at the networking lunches or breakfasts you attend.
  • Answer people’s questions on the key forums in your niche.

Undertaking some of the above activities will ensure those you are targeting will come to regard you as an expert in your field. And, as Pawel says, once you’ve done this, getting new clients is easy.

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