Are you on track to achieving your goals in 2013?

Posted on: May 12th, 2013

Now that we are well into the second quarter of the year, how much progress have you made so far to achieving your freelance goals for 2013?

If you made goals in January but you put the piece of paper you wrote them on away in a drawer, now is the time to find that piece of paper and remind yourself what your goals actually were.

If you haven’t yet done so, write a list of every little task you need to do to help turn your goals into reality.

For example, if it’s to ‘launch a new website by September’, some of the items on your list might be:

  • Write a brief for the designer
  • Appoint a designer
  • Write the text (or appoint someone to write it for you)
  • Choose images
  • Etc etc

Put a deadline against each task. It might seem daunting to be faced with a large task like ‘launch a new website’ but if you break it down into component tasks, it suddenly seems manageable and achievable.

So make some time today to work on your business and not IN it. And, by the end of this quarter, you will be that little bit nearer achieving the goals you set yourself in January.

How near are you to achieving your goals for 2013?

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