What happens when our best laid plans are thwarted?

Posted on: September 3rd, 2012

As freelancers, we are in charge of our own timetable and can schedule our working day to suit us, right? Well, in theory, yes, but in practise, no.

Take Friday as a prime example. I had planned to spend all day writing a mini information booklet. I had started it the day before and was making good progress.

Can you just?
However, when Friday morning came, three separate clients got in touch, either with amends to the first drafts I had done, or with extra information they wanted to include. And could I do the changes as soon as possible, please?

So it was 2pm before I could start on my day’s work. No problem, I thought. I will finish it on Sunday morning because I will have no interruptions.

Power cut
I woke to a power cut on Sunday morning. So it was a round of phone calls to EDF, to the management company that runs the complex I live in, to the caretaker, to the Estate Manager etc. Then a trip to Caffe Nero to get coffee as I couldn’t boil a kettle. Then a trip to the gym to get showered because I had no hot water and no water pressure.

By this time it was almost midday (and I had got up at 7.30!) Still no power. I could do some stuff by hand and on my iPad but I really needed access to the programs on my computer.

The best laid plans
So we freelancers just have to accept that there will be days when things won’t go according to our schedule. Events will happen that thwart our carefully-laid plans and sometimes there is nothing much we can do about it.

I am writing this on Sunday lunchtime, having been told by EDF that the power will come back on at 4.30pm. So I shall spend the afternoon at the Barbican, visiting the James Bond exhibition. And I am very much hoping that what EDF told me is not some fob off.

2 Responses to “What happens when our best laid plans are thwarted?”

  1. Phil
    October 21st, 2012

    I know this feeling all to well. With 3 young children, 1 of which is still at home all day, I constantly get ‘reasons’ that interrupt my planned days work and end up trying to catch up through the evenings. Oh the joys of freelance…….. and then the clients don’t pay.

  2. Carole Seawert
    October 21st, 2012

    I know – we have an orderly ‘to do’ list and then, at 4pm, we start to tackle the day’s tasks. I am spending this afternoon doing client work to catch up on stuff I wasn’t able to complete on Friday.

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