Do you stamp & swear? Flip it & Make Your Mondays Matter

Posted on: March 26th, 2012

When you’re in a situation that you’re not happy with, what do you do?  Stamp your feet and swear or stand back and see where you can change something? Or both!

Changing the words and phrases you say to yourself can make all the difference to you and what happens next.  I am a great believer in that the things we say to ourselves can either help us or hinder us in our day, especially in our mood and how we feel. Have you noticed that?

Watch out for what you’re saying to yourself

I’d like to introduce you to re-framing.  It’s a way of ‘flipping’ phrases around to give you a different perspective on the situation. This then changes how you feel, which will make all the difference to you and your day.

For example, I could say..’damn, it’s raining again’ and the reframe, or flip, is ‘it’s raining again, good for the garden’

Flip it for a different meaning = a different feeling

Flip it to get your self unstuck, to stop negative thoughts and negative feelings.

You’ll find solutions quicker and easier, allowing you to get on with your day again with more positive outcomes.

Your action point today is to notice where you can flip something that you say to help you feel better

Is there a phrase that you often use when you’re feeling blue? Flip it to feel in the pink!

Rather than say “I can’t do…”, say “I can do …”

It works wonders when working with teams and clients too.

For example, if they start telling you what a bad day they are having, re-frame or flip it with ‘it’s a good job I’m calling you now to help you!’ or if they say ‘This just seems impossible for me to do today’ flip it with ‘let’s sort this out together now, I’m sure between us, we can work it out’ They’ll feel better immediately and you’ll get the job done. Result.

‘Flip It and Move On’ ooh I could turn that into a poster like the Keep Calm and Carry On range! Flip It and Feel Good’

It works a treat :-)

To your success and happiness, have a flipping good day!

Jo James propels women in business to earn six figures and beyond, and importantly feel good along the way. In Workshops and Coaching Programs conducted in London and Surrey.

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