Holiday: when was the last time you took one?

Posted on: May 28th, 2010

In the UK, most employees get 25  days a year holiday entitlement. As freelancers, we can take as many weeks off as we like. But the reality is, we don’t. However, it’s important to recharge your batteries and take time out. That’s why one of my Top Ten Tips For Freelancers is to go on holiday.

I tend to take a week off in June and September, have the odd long weekend and then take Christmas/New Year off. It’s not anywhere near the 25 days that my employee friends get but, as I’m not on a retainer with any of my clients, I don’t earn anything while I’m away.

I say ‘no’ to laptops on holiday

I know some freelancers who take their laptop on holiday with them and continue to work/respond to clients’ emails while they are away. I don’ t do that. My goal is to have a complete break  and come back rested and revitalised.  I make sure I tell all my clients well in advance that I’m taking some time off, so I either get any urgent stuff written before I go away or it’s there waiting for me when I return.

I don’t have a holiday booked this summer. I know that sounds contradictory but I intend to take some time off doing day trips, visiting places in the UK I never seem to get round to going to.

How about you? How many weeks’ holiday do you take off in an average year? And where are you off to this summer?

4 Responses to “Holiday: when was the last time you took one?”

  1. Freelance forums
    May 28th, 2010

    It depends. I am on a 6 month vacation, vising the USA. I can’t break from my work entirely, but still take 2-3 days off in a week to see NYC. I work on rainy days only :D

    If it’s a 1-2 weeks vacation, I don’t work at all. Same reasons as the ones you’ve presented here.

  2. Freelance FactFile
    May 29th, 2010

    Wow – enjoy your six months touring the US! Where do you live normally?

  3. Freelance forums
    May 30th, 2010

    Thank you ;)

    I’m from Romania. That’s in Europe. So the journey has been indeed interesting since there are many differences between the 2 worlds ;)

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