Five Ways Pinterest Can Help Grow Your Business

Posted on: August 10th, 2013

If your business doesn’t have a Pinterest account, now might be a good time to get one. This relatively new social media platform has become immensely popular in a relatively short period of time.

Instead of focusing on the latest news and personal updates, as with Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest allows people to find users with common interests and share ideas visually. Pinterest users create boards where they pin images of things like recipes they’d like to make, home décor ideas, and fashion tips.

Five Pinterest Tips for Your Business

Use these five ideas to let Pinterest help grow your business:

1. Diversify Your Pins
Definitely pin images of your products on your Pinterest boards, as this is a huge part of any marketer’s strategy. What you shouldn’t do is pin only your own products. People will catch on to this tactic and they will stop following you. Customers like to feel that by following your business account, they’re getting to know you, not simply every product you have in stock.

Pin other posts that you find fun and interesting, in addition to you own. For example, if your run a shoe store, post images of cute outfits to wear your shoes with. Or if you have a cooking blog, promote images of cooking supplies and kitchen décor ideas you like, in addition to your recipes. As with any social media site, avoid posting anything too personal or content that could appear controversial.

2. Market Research
You can learn a lot about your customer base by seeing who follows you on Pinterest. Browse through your followers to learn valuable information like their gender, age, interests, and location. In addition to using these findings to make Pinterest boards that might interest your followers, you can use the data to create new products and events catered to your demographic.

It’s also a good idea to see what other social media accounts they have linked to their Pinterest profile, as this shows you the other platforms your customers are using. If most people have their Twitter handle listed, but only a few note their Facebook profile, you’ll know that maintaining a strong Twitter presence is essential, while Facebook may not be as important.

3. Infographics
Create infographics promoting your company to post on Pinterest. Great ideas include instructional how-to’s and those containing information on an upcoming event. For example, if your business is a hair salon, create an infographic showing followers how to put their hair up in a chignon. Or if you own a restaurant, make an infographic promoting your happy hour, complete with days, times, and specials.

4. Relationship Building
It’s important to build relationships on Pinterest to increase your follower base and expand your overall site reach. Take the time to find people in your demographic that are very active on the site, with a lot of followers, who post quality material. Follow them, like their posts, comment on them, and before long they’ll likely be checking out your boards and following you. All you need is a few repins from users with a large follower base to really get your images well circulated.

It’s also important to follow all of your followers. Not only will this increase their loyalty to your brand, you’ll also appear on their followers list, so anyone checking them out will see your name.

5. Promote Your Page
You probably already have links to your Facebook and Twitter pages on your company website, so don’t forget to add one for Pinterest as well. If you have a company blog, write a post announcing your Pinterest arrival, so people know you’re on there. Before your customers can find you on Pinterest, they have to know you’re there!

Pinterest is incredibly effective tool for some businesses, but it certainly isn’t right for everyone. If you’re in the business of something like plumbing or a trucking company, where there really aren’t a whole lot of fun images to post, this may not be the social network for you. However, if you run a business like a real estate company, fitness studio, fashion boutique, or kitchen store, this is your platform!

Sara Collins is a writer for NerdWallet. She works to help entrepreneurs and business owners learn about personal finance subjects, from how to find the lowest rate credit card to choosing the best bank account.

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