10 tips to raise your profile on Pinterest

Posted on: September 28th, 2013

1. Create original content

80% of pins on Pinterest are people repinning other people’s images. So you need to make sure you create your own content that others will repin so you.

2. Use key words

Make sure you add key words to your captions so people can find your pins easily. And don’t forget to add your website url to help drive traffic back to your site.

3. Add a Pinterest plug-in to your Facebook page

I used Woobox to do this. It’s free. Then, anyone visiting your Facebook page who clicks on the Pinterest icon will be able to see all your boards, without leaving Facebook.

4. Tell people your Pinterest address

Add your Pinterest url to your business cards, your email signature, your contact page on your website, and your contact information on your Facebook page.

5. Create content that’s interesting

That sounds pretty obvious but only create pins that others will be interested in. They don’t have to be gorgeous photos. If you aren’t much of a photographer, you can pin your YouTube videos you’re most proud of. Lots of people find infographics really interesting, so take a look at Infogram for an easy way to create your own infographics.

6. Create content that’s valuable

People love hints and tips and they love to learn new stuff. So, why not create pins that will be of value to others? For example, I create text-based pins using Picmonkey with writing, spelling and grammar tips. Here are two I’ve created.

7. Leave interesting comments on other pins

Say something interesting or of value when you comment. Not just ‘Great pic’. And don’t forget to add your name in the comments box, to drive pinners over to your boards.

8. Add pin buttons to your blog/website

Make it easy for visitors to your blog and/or website to pin images you’ve created by adding a pin button to your posts and your web pages. If they like what they have pinned from your site, they will probably be interested enough to check you out and see your boards.

9. Promote your new boards

Every time you create a new board, tell all your people on social media. Tweet about it, post it on Facebook, Instagram it and so on.

10. Keep pinning

The more you pin, the more people will find you. Don’t have a mad flurry and then forget all about Pinterest. As with all social media, you need to be seen and that means you need to be active.

Do you have any Pinterest tips you’d like to share? If so, leave them in the comments box below.

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