A few more SEO tips

Posted on: February 8th, 2012

I continue to be surprised when people think search engine optimisation (SEO) is only about inserting the right keywords in the right places. While this is, indeed, an important element of SEO, there are other factors that work in tandem and you need to employ all of them.

So here’s a quick recap of the OTHER things you need to be doing to rise up the Google rankings:

Ensure your site is engaging

I’m told that Google records how long a visitor spends on your site and this will impact your search position. So, if Google sees people are taking time to read your site, then they figure it must have content that’s of interest. After all, Google’s role is to provide relevant information. That means you need to have a site that looks engaging, has compelling content, and makes visitors want to click through and find out more.

Get external links to your site

Google gives a higher ranking to sites that have lots of back links as they will regard it as an authority site that people want to link to. You can read about how to get links in this post about SEO tips I wrote last year. I also included a section on where exactly you need to put keyword phrases within your content. Worth a quick read.

Since I wrote that post, I discovered two extra (and easy) ways you can get external links pointing to your website or blog. Set up an about.me and a flavors.me page. They are free.

Update your site on a regular basis

This gives the Google spiders a reason to come back and crawl your site. If your content is static, they won’t visit. Simple as that.

All the above work in tandem to get you up the Google rankings. Does anyone else have any SEO tips they fancy sharing?

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