Your four-step guide to achieving your social media strategy

Posted on: December 2nd, 2013

Sometimes December can be a quiet month for freelancers. Clients come to the end of their annual budgets and they focus their thoughts on Christmas festivities. So, if you have a less busy period ahead of you, this month is the ideal time to plan out 2014.

I have written several posts about goals and strategy – links to these are the end of this post. The focus of this week’s post is about planning your social media strategy for 2014.

Step 1

It’s very easy for social media to be a hugely time consuming, so you need to take a step back and work out your reason for being there. For example, is it:

  • to sell products?
  • to gain new followers so you can increase the number of people on your email mail list?
  • to position yourself as an expert in your sector?
  • to promote your blog?
  • to showcase your work?
  • to drive people to your website?
  • or is it for another reason entirely?

You need to be clear what your purpose is and write this down in a strategy statement. For example, my own statement is : “I have a presence on social media in order to a) provide helpful writing and grammar tips that position me as an expert and b) to promote my course on How to Write a Brilliant Blog.”

Step 2

Next, have a think about which social media platforms you need to be on. You clearly can’t be on ALL of them – otherwise your life would be taken up with social media. Narrow it down by asking yourself which ones are your potential clients on and which ones do you enjoy using?

Step 3

Your next step is to work out what you want to achieve in 2014 on each platform you use. For example:

Facebook business page

  • Grow my number of likes from x to y  
  • Schedule one post a day
  • Link my page to my blog and my YouTube and Pinterest accounts
  • Run a summer advertising campaign


  • Create a business account
  • Increase my followers from x to y
  • Create at least 10 pins a week
  • Create x number of new boards by July
  • Find a webinar that will teach me how to make the most of Pinterest for business

And so on for all the other social media platforms you are on.

Step 4

Carve out half an hour to an hour a week to create and schedule your posts using a platform like Hootsuite. You shouldn’t need much more than that. You can even post to individual LinkedIn and Facebook groups using Hootsuite which saves a huge amount of time. Remember to have your strategy statement to hand when you create your posts. Does the content of each post align with the reason you are on that platform?

If you want to work out some business goals for 2014, here are some previous posts that you might find helpful.

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What are your social media plans for next year? Leave me a comment in the box below.

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