Syncing email across all your devices with Exchange Online

Posted on: June 26th, 2011

In her recent guest post, Francesca Geens sang the praises of upgrading our email to Microsoft’s Exchange Online. Well, I have taken her advice and done exactly that – and I definitely recommend it. Here’s why:

  • I can now access all my emails on my iPhone and iPad. That means I can always keep in touch with who is emailing me, even when I’m away from my desk all day or out of the country.
  • All my contacts in Outlook are now automatically in my iPhone and iPad. No manual inputting or syncing via cables. And, whenever I update a contact or add a new one, it changes in the other devices, too.
  • My calendar is available on all my devices and, again, everything is synced. So, if I change the time of a meeting or add a new one, the information is updated in all three. Same goes for my ‘Tasks’ list. All this without me having to connect – it’s all done wirelessly.
  • When you access your emails on your phone (or other mobile device) it’s just like using Outlook on your PC – all the functionality is there. You can open attachments, mark a message as unread, delete, it, move it to another folder, reply to it or forward it to someone else . You can also see all your folders eg: inbox, sent mail, deleted items, junk mail, drafts, outbox etc.

Rackspace hosts it for me for £9 a month per mailbox. Its spam filters are excellent and everything gets backed up, so there’s no need to worry if you’re unfortunate enough to lose all your devices.

If you’ve moved over to Exchange Online, I’d be very interested to hear what your thoughts are.

2 Responses to “Syncing email across all your devices with Exchange Online”

  1. Francesca
    June 27th, 2011

    Yay! great summary of the advantages of Exchange Online Carole! glad you are enjoying seamless mobile working and backup.

  2. Carole
    June 27th, 2011

    I know – it’s a case of ‘how on earth did I manage without it?’ It’s brilliant.

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