Six ways to make the most of client testimonials

Posted on: April 3rd, 2013

If you read my post last week about the importance of gathering more client testimonials, here are a few pointers showing where you can display them, in order to make the most of them:

1. On your website (here’s my testimonial page)

2. In your email signature (have one quote at a time and rotate them at regular intervals)

3. In your marketing materials

4. In your proposal documents

5. In your biog

6. In your mailing campaigns

If clients have recommended you on LinkedIn, you will, of course, have these on your LinkedIn profile, but don’t just leave them there. Use them in all the other six places as well.

Obviously, pick the most appropriate testimonial for the job in hand. For example if you think price might be an issue, choose a testimonial that addresses this concern and turns it into a positive:

Three ways to get client testimonials

Posted on: March 24th, 2013

Client testimonials are powerful statements because, when someone who knows you says great things about you, other people are going to believe them. And they will then want to find out more about you and what makes you so great.

The problem is, mostly we are reluctant to ask clients for testimonials.

Don’t be shy.

The testimonials page on my website is my most visited page, so it’s definitely worth the effort. I once got a website project because the potential client (whom I hadn’t met before) knew two of the people who had recommended me on my testimonials page and decided to award me the job on the strength of this.

So here are three ways you can go about getting more client testimonials:

1. Ask for them

LinkedIn makes it very easy for you to ask people for testimonials, so start asking. Once you have their comment on your profile, you can use it elsewhere. (Next week’s blog post has ideas on this.)

Useful tips on how to make the most of client testimonials

Posted on: January 20th, 2011

Client testimonials are a powerful tool in your armoury as they are proof that other people are happy to say great things about you.

The client testimonial page on my copywriting website is the most visited page on the site. In fact, I once got a web writing project purely on the strength of my testimonial page.

The new client, who had never met me, said: “I’m not looking at any other copywriter. I know two of the people quoted on your testimonial page and if they say good things about you, then I believe them.”

How to get testimonials

1. Ask for them. You’ll be surprised how many clients will be happy to provide you with one.

2. When a client sends you a ‘thank you’ email for doing such a great job, ask them if you could use this as a testimonial. They will almost always say ‘yes’.