Do you use Dropbox? Tips on file sharing and security

Posted on: November 18th, 2013

Welcome to guest writer, Leia Solanki.

What is Dropbox?

The need for a trusted and reliable file-sharing platform is becoming increasingly crucial for anyone concerned with security. Dropbox is a popular sync and file sharing solution and has quickly been adopted.  It now supports over 100 million active users and 1 billion file uploads per day (

How and why you should back up your work

Posted on: March 4th, 2011

This is a cautionary tale.

Last week, my husband bumped into a graphic designer we both know. He told my husband how, two nights earlier, a burglar had stolen his iMac from his ground floor studio while he was asleep upstairs.

“I can get a replacement computer easily and my insurance will pay, but I’ve lost all my work and all my client’s artwork.”

Because he hadn’t backed anything up.

Backing up your work is a habit you need to get into. Here are eight ways you can back up your data.

1. Memory sticks (USB flash drives)

Copy your files on a weekly basis onto memory sticks (or more often) and keep them somewhere safe.

2. Copy your files onto CDs/DVDs

The only problem with this method is it’s quite time consuming. They also don’t store huge amounts of data, so aren’t ideal for big photo or music collections. Do be sure to store them offsite in case of fire.