How to pinpoint your ideal client

Posted on: March 25th, 2011

A crucial part of your marketing plan is working out what kind of clients you want to attract. So here are three important questions you’ll want to ask yourself:

Q1: Who is my target audience?

Think hard about exactly who you want to aim at. Don’t be vague with statements such as ‘women’ or ‘SMEs’ or ‘design agencies’.

Instead, refine it down to something like:

  • ‘Working mothers aged 30-45 who want to improve their cooking skills.’
  • ‘Technology businesses in the Thames Valley with a turnover of £1-£5 million.’
  • ‘Web design agencies with between 5-20 staff located in the London postcodes of SW and W.’

Are You Staying Focused in Your Marketing Efforts?

Posted on: July 30th, 2010

Welcome to guest blogger, Pawel Grabowski, from Self Employed Cafe. Pawel is a small business owner and a blogger on a mission to help you build a successful business.

Let’s face it: as a freelancer your first goal is to bring in enough work for yourself to be able to live off what you do. Everything else is a bonus. And, because of that, it’s quite easy to divert from your marketing plan – especially when business is slow and you need work.

The problem starts when you go too far off your marketing plan and find yourself in a place you’d rather not be in. Namely, surrounded by clients who pay you little but expect a lot. Yes, the very same ones who seemed like heaven sent when you didn’t have any work. They were never your ideal clients but they were bringing you projects in. They didn’t pay much for it but, since you really needed the money, it was OK. Now, because of your lack of focus on whom you marketed to, they may be all that you’ve got.