How to market your freelance services: part 4

Posted on: October 7th, 2010

5 tips for successful networking

“I’ve never got any business from networking.”

“I hate networking.”

“Networking takes up too much time.”

I’ve said all of this in the past, but things changed when I discovered how networking could work for me. Here are my five tips:

1. Join the group that’s the right fit for you

There are 1001 networking groups out there. Do your homework and find the group that’s going to be right for you.  Go along as a guest to see what you think before you commit yourself to a year’s membership.

2. Be clear about who you want to meet

Are you intent on meeting solicitors from small law firms? Or maybe your target audience is marketing managers in the pharmaceutical industry? Whoever it is, tell the group organiser exactly who you want to network with. Then, if it’s a sit-down meal, ask to be sat next to them. Or, if it’s a stand-up event, ask to be introduced to them. Don’t leave the opportunity to network with them to chance.