The power of positive thinking

Posted on: August 21st, 2012

Earlier this summer, client budgets were cut and writing projects were taken in-house or cancelled. I was faced with a very quiet month and nothing of note in the pipeline. I did my usual act of ‘worry, stress, more worry’. Then I was give some advice:

“Whatever your focus on, you get more of the same. Stop worrying about your lack of work and start to focus on positive things.”

I decided to give it a go. So I stopped worrying, now confident in the belief that I would get projects pretty soon. I filled my free time with writing two mini e-books and I launched them on Amazon.

(You can see them here, if you are interested: 101 Top Copywriting Tips and 101 Top Freelancing Tips.)

Then I started to turn the one-to-one sessions I do on beefing up your LinkedIn profile into a 2-hour workshop which I plan to launch to corporate clients in the autumn.

It worked.

I now have six writing projects currently on the go. I am so busy, I am working most weekends. And they are interesting projects too: four of them are for major international organisations.

And, since I changed my focus a few weeks ago, I have won six lots of £25 on the premium bonds. Six! I’m also earning (albeit small amounts) from my e-books on Amazon.

So, if you are currently stuck and in a place of negativity, remember the advice I was given: “Whatever you focus on, you get more of. Start to focus on positive things.”

It worked for me, so why not give it a go?

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