Three ways to ramp up your social media presence in 2014

Posted on: January 12th, 2014

As freelancers, it’s important to keep our skills up to date and, last year, my training investment was in social media. I have been pretty active on some social media platforms for about two or three years but things changes so rapidly that I wanted to invest time and money in 2013 on making sure I was up to speed with what’s going on.

I was very impressed with the three training courses I went on, so I thought I’d share them with you.

1. Pinterest

I took Melanie Duncan’s course, The Power of Pinning. This is a video-based course you take in your own time that shows you how to use Pinterest for your business. Apart from explaining everything you need to know about how Pinterest works, it shows you how to drive traffic from Pinterest to your website – and thus drive sales. Here are my boards on Pinterest. 

2. Instagram

Sue Zimmerman has a video-based course for Instagram newbies called Insta-results. She takes you through step by step how Instagram works and how to use it to grow your business. I took this course just recently (at the end of December) and am now starting to put into practice the knowledge I learned. You can find me here on Instagram.

3. Facebook

I signed up to Mari Smith’s Facebook course in the summer. My Facebook business page has been transformed thanks to everything I learned on this course. If you check out my Facebook page, you’ll see that I’ve linked my Pinterest and Twitter accounts to my page, as well as this blog and my Amazon sales page.

Mari’s course isn’t currently running but you can get access to her free 90-minute webinar that will give you ‘Seven Steps to Facebook Success’. It’s definitely worth listening to.

I have recently signed up to Mari’s Inner Circle which is an ongoing program that keeps you up to speed with the latest in social media developments. There are two information-packed webinars a month and a closed Facebook group that help keep me ahead of the social media curve.

I am an affiliate of Mari Smith so, if you decide to sign up to her course, she will pay me a commission. I’m not an affiliate of Melanie Duncan or Sue Zimmerman.

How to Write a Brilliant Blog

I also launched my own training course last year (shameless plug!). It’s called How to Write a Brilliant Blog. So, if you are planning on starting a blog or you already have a blog and want practical help on how to improve the quality of your posts, why not check it out?

What kind of training did you take last year and what courses are you planning to focus on in 2014?

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