My top ten favourite apps

Posted on: July 21st, 2013

There are countless thousands of apps available for our smart phones/tablets and I’m a keen readers of ‘best apps’ reviews.

However, some of the best apps I’ve discovered are via recommendations from friends. Here are my top ten favourite apps I use all the time.

1. Cardmunch
Take a photo of a business card with your phone and the details appear all neatly ‘typed up’ for you . You can then save these details to your iphone address book. It saves all that manual typing. And, because the app is linked to LinkedIn, you can also connect with that person on LinkedIn from your phone, see their LinkedIn profile – and their network of contacts. 

2. Evernote
A very popular notetaker when you are on the move. You can then access your notes from your computer when you get back. Evernote can do a ton of things but I find it useful for reading and opening up Word documents on my phone/iPad.

3. Photoshop Express
A mini (free) version of the (expensive) Photoshop software. Great for photo editing on the move before uploading to social media sites or emailing photos to friends.

4. BBC iPlayer Radio
Turns my iPhone/iPad into a radio.

5. BBC and ITV players
Turns my iPhone/iPad into a TV.

6. Buschecker
Tells you how long you have to wait until the next bus. You can also follow the bus route as you travel along – handy if you are in a town or city you are unfamiliar with. You can even set an alarm to warn you when you are approaching your stop.

7. Ocado
If I have a few spare minutes in between meetings, I can do my online grocery shopping at Ocado.

8. Kindle
You can download the Kindle app for free from Amazon’s website – enables you to read Kindle books on your phone or tabllet without having to buy a Kindle.

9. Snapseed
A free app with fantastic photo editing effects. I did this in about two minutes:



10. Magnilight
A torch and a magnifying glass all in one

All these – apart from Buschecker – are free.

What are your favourite apps? Tell me in the comment box below as I’m always looking out for handy new ones.

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