What do you REALLY want to achieve?

Posted on: July 5th, 2011

Are you too busy working day-to-day on client projects to look at the bigger picture?

If so, try to take just 30 minutes out of your hectic schedule today to think about what you really want to achieve.

Go somewhere different – somewhere you can focus your thoughts. Then, turn off your phone and ask yourself the following questions:

1. What would I really love to achieve?

Note that it’s not “What do I think I could achieve?” but “What would I really love to achieve?” So, if you really want to earn £150,000 a year, write that down. Maybe you want to be a best-selling author or to own your own restaurant.

Don’t be constrained in your imagination and don’t get hung up on HOW you’ll achieve it. Just write down WHAT you want to achieve.

2. By when do I want to achieve this?

Put a date next to when you want to have achieved your ambition. It focuses the mind that you need to get started pretty soon and not just have it running around as a thought in your head.

3. Why do I deserve this success?

Write down exactly what you’ll be giving to people in return for your success. For example: “I will write brilliant crime thrillers that will give people huge enjoyment.”

When you get back to your office/home, start to create a vision board for your ambition. So, if your goal is to earn £150,000 a year, cut out images of what you could buy, places you could visit, and things you could do once you have lots of money in the bank.

If your ambition is to be a best-selling author, find images that reflect the fame and success you’ll be enjoying once you are a publishing phenomenon.

Then, stick your board in a prominent place where you’ll see it often.

Here’s the image board I created for myself.

achieve ambition goal

Once you’ve focused your thoughts on WHAT you really want to achieve and created a vision board that manifests this ambition, you’ll have taken the first step in starting to turn your dream into reality.

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