Why freelancers need to set objectives

Posted on: August 6th, 2012

I hope you are enjoying the excitement of the Olympic Games. There is certainly a huge buzz around London at the moment. I was reading about one of Team GB’s gold medal winners who said it had been her ambition since the age of eight to win an Olympic gold medal.

Focus and determination

It just goes to prove what focus and steely determination these sportsmen and women have. She knew from an early age what she wanted to do and she set out to achieve it.

Those of us who are freelance also need to set objectives. They might not be as ambitious as an Olympic gold medal but we still need to set them, otherwise we simply drift along without any sense of purpose.

For example:

  • I want to launch my new website in September.
  • I want to have won two software clients by the end of October.
  • Starting next month, I want to work three days a week on my client work and two days a week studying for my MA.

Take a look at the goals you set yourself back at the beginning of the year. How far are you along the road to achieving them? If you had written out some goals and then promptly forgotten about them, now is the time to look at them afresh.

Eating an elephant

What’s the first thing you need to do in order to start the ball rolling? Try and do that first task today. Then do the second task tomorrow. You can’t eat an elephant all at once but you eat it a little bit at a time. Same goes for achieving your goals.

Set yourself a schedule

I set myself the task of writing two mini e-books last year but somehow it didn’t happen. This year, I wrote myself a list of tasks with a timetable against each one and I completed both e-books. They are now on the Amazon Kindle store: 101 Top Copywriting Tips and 101 Top Freelancing Tips.

On a similar vein, for the past two years I had been meaning to redo my website. It was a vague ‘must get round to doing that one day’ notion. A few months ago, I decided to treat my new website project as a client project. I set a deadline, I mapped out a schedule and I stuck to it. The website went live earlier in the summer.

Map out a plan

If I hadn’t set myself clear objectives with a deadline and if I hadn’t mapped out a plan for getting them done, I would never have achieved these e-book and website projects.

What objectives have you set your sights on?

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