Words of wisdom from Women Unlimited 2012

Posted on: March 12th, 2012

On Friday, I went to the excellent Women Unlimited 2012 conference at the British Library in London. There was a tremendous line up of truly inspirational speakers and I spent the entire day surrounded by successful, entrepreneurial women.

In no particular order, here are some of the key learnings I took away from the day. Some of the speakers run multi-million pound empires, but we can still apply their words of wisdom to our smaller-scale freelance businesses.

  • Stop and enjoy the journey
  • Integrity is paramount
  • When you become successful you need to learn to be tough – with people and situations
  • Go for awards; they are great for your business
  • Always try to get a face-to-face meeting when looking for partners or new business. Don’t try to sell yourself over the phone or email
  • To sell effectively, you need to break all the rules of your childhood. For example: ‘don’t talk to strangers’
  • There are 24 sales hours in a day
  • The barriers to using technology have gone. The only thing stopping you is your fear
  • Think multimedia: get into video/podcasting for deeper connections and for meeting new markets
  • Video brings personality to your site – people feel that they know you when they watch your videos
  • Google will soon be using voice recognition for YouTube videos, so don’t underestimate the power of Youtube searches
  • Your business model must support an international audience if you are aiming to go global with your books
  • Think ‘scalable income’ over ‘passive income’
  • It’s the human connection that sells
  • People must ‘Know, Like and Trust’ you
  • Your past brought you here, but you don’t need to live in it
  • Test your elevator pitch endlessly
  • Be true to your own unique values, passion and purpose
  • Start your day with purpose and intention, not your inbox!
  • Mentors, role models + inspiring people are all around you. Seek them out
  • Have a business coach to help keep you on track
  • If you still make what you sell (cakes / earrings) your business will never grow
  • When your work is giving you goosebumps you know you are doing the right thing
  • Competition is OUT collaboration is IN
  • Listen to your internal voice
  • Base your business on what you are truly passionate about
  • How many people buy things for rational reasons only? We buy with our hearts as well as our heads
  • Think about how you can make emotional connections
  • Think of your brand as a person
  • Everybody has the potential to create a memorable brand
  • Be consistent, be persistent – and show up every day
  • Always pretend you know what you’re doing
  • The key to success in business is having people who can do what you can’t
  • A business plan doesn’t have to be shiny and perfect
  • Know your worth

Which of these pearls of knowledge will you apply to your freelance business today?

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