You can’t afford NOT to invest in your freelance business

Posted on: April 12th, 2011

A lot of freelancers I speak to say things like:

“I can’t afford to go on that training course.”

“I can’t afford to do any marketing.”

“My computer keeps breaking down but I can’t afford a new one.”

“My accounts take up so much time but I can’t afford a book keeper.”

My response is: How can you afford NOT to?

  • Going on a training course will teach you a new skill that can open the door to new clients. I recently completed an SEO copywriting course and I’ve already had meetings with two potential clients who have contacted me regarding SEO web writing projects.
  • Investing in marketing is the lifeblood of any freelance business. In return for £600 I spent on a classified advert that ran for six months in a trade publication, I have earned over £20,000 of business.
  • When your computer breaks down, you’re unproductive. It’s also very stressful. And you still need to pay an IT guy to fix it. Far better for your sanity and your productivity levels to buy a new one.
  • Avoid tasks that are not your core strength (eg: accounts) or that eat up time and divert you from doing what you should be focusing on: client work and developing your business.

What’s the best investment you’ve made for your business?

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